Prepare a tiling pattern for production

TUT-ICON-Prepare-a-single-tile-for-the-manufacturer.pngIt's very cool to create all-over dessins. And to create all-over pattern swatches. This way you can apply the dessin to your garment drawings. Only then, how do you send the dessin to the manufacturer? They need an actual size high quality single tile from the dessin. In this tutorial we explain how you create that single tile from a dessin pattern swatch.




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This video takes 2 1/2 minutes...

Step 1: Click on the yellow 'Ai' icon to download and open the Illustrator document.

There is no art on the artboard.

Prepare-a-tiling-pattern-for-production-01.pngStep 2: Go to Window and open the Swatches panel.








Prepare-a-tiling-pattern-for-production-02.pngStep 3: Drag the swatch 'Single color dessin' on the artboard.







Step 4: Click next to the artwork to deselect (ctrl-shift-a).

Step 5: Go to 'Window > View' and make sure 'Smart Guides' is active (ctrl-u).

Step 6: Activate the 'Group Selection Tool' (q).

Prepare-a-tiling-pattern-for-production-03.pngStep 7: Move the mouse over the artwork until the tile (rectangle) highlights, then click on it to select it.








Prepare-a-tiling-pattern-for-production-04.pngStep 8: Press the 'F2' key to create a copy of the selected tile (rectangle).

Or press 'ctrl-c' following by 'ctrl-f' to copy the tile.







Step 9: Activate the 'Selection Tool' (v) Selection Tool.png.

Prepare-a-tiling-pattern-for-production-05.pngStep 10: Select the artwork including the copied rectangle.









Prepare-a-tiling-pattern-for-production-06.pngStep 11: Go to 'Object > Clipping Mask > Make' (ctrl-7).

This is a perfect single tile for the manufacturer.







Sizing and dimensioningThis is the moment when you need to give the tile the desired dimensions. And then you need to use the 'DS Dimensioning' script to let Illustrator write these dimensions around the tile as explanation for the manufacturer.

Prepare-a-tiling-pattern-for-production-13.pngStep 12: Press 'ctrl-r' to open the rulers.










Prepare-a-tiling-pattern-for-production-14.pngStep 13: Right click inside the rulers and choose 'Centimeters'.







Transform panelStep 14: Open the 'Transform panel (Shift - F8).





Step 15: Select the artwork

Prepare-a-tiling-pattern-for-production-08.pngStep 16: Make sure the little chain button is active.





Step 17: In the field 'W:' type '23 cm', then press 'Enter'.

Step 18: Activate the 'Direct Selection Tool' (q).

Step 19: Click outside the artwork or 'Deselect' (ctrl-shift-a).

Prepare-a-tiling-pattern-for-production-09.pngStep 20: Click on the edge of the artwork to select the rectangle.








Prepare-a-tiling-pattern-for-production-11.pngStep 21: Go to File > Scripts > DS Dimensioning.

Illustrator will calculate the actual size dimensions and place them around the artwork automatically.

This is a script, so you need to have installed this script. If you did'nt, follow this tutorial!


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