OLD Plaid Designer


The DS Plaid Designer tool is by far the quickest and easiest method to create plaids and stripes!


  • import color swatches from Illustrator document
  • create color swatches online
  • option to automatically copy values from weft to warp  
  • option to mirror weft
  • option to mirror warp
  • choose plain, twill or satin binding 
  • double the size, or binding  
  • preview the tiling pattern
  • save plaid values for later use   MEMBERS ONLY
  • option to overwrite saved plaids   MEMBERS ONLY
  • load earlier saved plaid values to re-design or re-color (and optionally save as a new plaid) MEMBERS ONLY
  • save a png file to your computer for use in Illustrator or Photoshop


icon ai file.jpgicon video.jpg

This video takes five minutes.

Use two browser windows

To exersice and read the tutorial at the same time.

Step 1: Open two web browser windows.

Plaid-Designer-Tool2-02.pngStep 2: Resize / place both web browser windows next to each other.

Step 3: Open the Plaid Designer page in the left browser window

Step 4: Open the Plaid Designer tutorial page in the right browser window.




Plaid-Designer-Tool2-03.pngImport Illustrator swatches

Step 5: On top of this page, click on the yellow Ai icon to download  ''My Illustrator Swatches.ai''. Don''t open it in Illustrator.

The DS Plaid Designer Tool supports all Adobe Illustrator versions!


When you create color swatches in Illustrator: 

  • Create only those swatches you need for the plaid.


Plaid-Designer-Tool2-05.pngStep 6: To import the Illustrator file:

  • Click on the ''Browse'' Button.
  • Browse to ''My Illustrator Swatches.ai'',  select it and click on ''Open''
  • Click on the ''Import'' button


Click only once and wait until the tool tells you that the import succeeded. When it takes a long time and you click twice on ''Import'', the tool will import all swatches twice.



Step 7: Wait a few seconds and the swatches from the Illustrator document will appear.

(in this case white, dark red and red are added).








Use the Color Picker to create Swatches


Plaid-Designer-Tool2-06.pngStep 8: The last color box always shows an empty # box with a white color preview icon. Click on it''s little color preview icon and the Color Picker will open.





Step 9: To create a new color:

  • Plaid-Designer-Tool2-20.pngfill in RGB values





  • Plaid-Designer-Tool2-21.pngclick inside the small vertical colored beam to choose a base color





  • Plaid-Designer-Tool2-22.pngthen, click and drag inside the left square to deside the desired color tint





  • Plaid-Designer-Tool2-23.pngfinish by clicking on the round colored icon.





Plaid-Designer-Tool2-24.pngStep 10: To add another color:

  • click anywhere on the website on empty space (no text / images), a new swatch will appear.
  • repeat steps 8 and 9.

You can add as many colors as you like.


Create a Plaid


Plaid-Designer-Tool2-07.pngStep 11: Below ''Step 2. Create weft'':

  • click on the first color preview. This will show all color swatches you created or imported







  • Plaid-Designer-Tool2-25.pngpick the light red color.







  • Plaid-Designer-Tool2-08.png

    fill in 40 at yarns.






Plaid-Designer-Tool2-26.pngStep 12: Click on the second (white) color preview.

  • Choose ''Black''










Plaid-Designer-Tool2-27.pngStep 13: Type 25 at yarns, then click on the green arrow next to it to add a new color.






 Plaid-Designer-Tool2-14.pngStep 14: Create all colors like this example









Plaid-Designer-Tool2-28.pngStep 15: Uncheck the checkboxes ''mirror'' at ''Step 2. Create weft'' and ''Step 3. Create warp''.












Plaid-Designer-Tool2-29.pngStep 16: Check the box ''Copy values from weft''. This will copy all weft values to warp, saving you doing all this again.




Step 17: Click below at ''Step 5. Create plaid'' on the button ''Create''.








The plaid is created and previewed on top of the page.








Mirror weft and warp

Plaid-Designer-Tool2-15.pngStep 18: Below ''Step 2. Create weft'' is a ''mirror'' checkbox. When you check this box, and then click on the ''Create'' button again, the weft will be mirrored.







Step 19: Below ''Step 3. Create warp'' is a ''mirror checkbox. When you check this box, and then click on the ''Create'' button again, the warp will be mirrored.









Plaid-Designer-Tool2-19.pngCopy values from weft

When you check the box ''Copy values from weft'' at ''Step 3. Create warp'' the Plaid Designer tool will automatically copy all values from the weft to the warp. This saves you a lot of time creating the values twice.

When you uncheck this box, it is possible to create different warp and weft values.







Plaid-Designer-Tool2-18.pngRight you can see that you can create different values for the warp when ''Copy values from weft''. is unchecked.

















Preview a plaid

Plaid-Designer-Tool2-11.pngStep 20: Click on the link ''Repeat this plaid'' to preview the plaid as a tiling pattern.





Plaid-Designer-Tool2-12.pngStep 21: Click on the ''Close'' button on the top right to go back to the website.





Download the plaidPlaid-Designer-Tool2-31.pngStep 21: Click on ''Download this plaid'' to save it as a png file to your computer.

You can use this png file to import in Illustrator or any other graphic application.

Click on this link to learn how to place this picture on your Illustrator artboard and create a pattern swatch from it.





Save the plaid values


Save the swatches and values of your plaid and load them later.

Plaid-Designer-Tool2-32.pngStep 22: Type a name at ''Plaid Library'' and click ''Save''.



Plaid-Designer-Tool2-33.pngA preview of the plaid including all swatches and values will be saved.




Loading a plaid you saved earlier

MEMBERS ONLY! Step 23: Anytime you log in to designersupport.nl under the same name again, and you browse to the Plaid Designer section, you will automaticly see your personal Plaid Library.

Plaid-Designer-Tool2-34.pngFind the plaid you want to use and click on ''load''.

This will load all the swatches and plaid values for that plaid.



Change color of an existing plaid


Step 24: Load earlier saved plaid values

Plaid-Designer-Tool2-35.pngStep 25: Click on a color preview icon

Step 26: Change the color






Plaid-Designer-Tool2-36.pngStep 27: Click on the round colored icon to finish.






Plaid-Designer-Tool2-37.pngStep 28: Change both red colors to blue colors...








Step 29: At ''Step 5. Create plaid'' click on ''Create''.




Plaid-Designer-Tool2-38.pngVoila! a re-colored plaid in a matter of seconds!

You can save the values as a new plaid if you like.





Overwrite existing plaid values



Step 30: Write the name of an existing plaid

Step 31: Check the box ''Overwrite existing''

Step 32: Click ''Save''.


Choose a binding

You can change the binding of a plaid at any time, also later, when the plaid is already finished.

Step 33: Load a plaid or create a plaid

Pattern-Tool-21.pngStep 34: Click on ''Twill'' or ''Satin''

Step 35: Click on ''Create''.


Double the plaid's sizePattern-Tool-22.pngStep 36: Choose 'Plain double', then click 'Create'.

This will double the size of the plaid.


Double the binding's size

Pattern-Tool-24.pngStep 37: Choose 'Twill double' (or Satin double), then click 'Create'.

This will not only double the size of the plaid, but also it doubles the size of the binding.


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