is build to support clothing brands in the proces of digital drawing. After years of experience in teaching stylists, artwork designers and buyers in Adobe Illustrator, this website is the logical continuation of the support to clothing brands. The company is situated in the Netherlands. Many head-offices from large brands are based in the Netherlands. We offer professional support to many stylists every day and are able to teach on location. Using it is possible to follow online (video) lessons, download art, ask for professional support and design plaids and stripes using our online Plaid Designer Tool. Thanks to designers all over the world are able to enjoy our services.

Onno Rijpstra. customers are:

  • Nike
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Calvin Klein
  • Viktor & Rolf
  • Claes Iversen
  • O'Neill
  • Protest
  • Brunotti
  • G-Star
  • Tricorp Europe
  • State of Art
  • Vingino Love for Denim
  • Scarva Jeans
  • Dorel (Maxi-Cosi)
  • The People of the Labyrinths
  • Off the Fence
  • Sandwich_
  • Costes Fashion
  • The Sting
  • Hivos
  • FashionPower
  • FashionLinq
  • CoolCat
  • America Today
  • MS Mode
  • Expresso Fashion
  • JED Textiles
  • Brunotti
  • Fred de la Bretonniere
  • Shabbies
  • Omroep NTR
  • Heineken
  • Company Fits
  • Promiss
  • Another Label
  • Ingeneered Life
  • Quinni
  • Grosso Moda

Scholen Nederland

  • Aventus
  • Roc van Amsterdam (Gooi & Vechtstreek)
  • Deltion College
  • ROC van Twente
  • Rijnijssel
  • ROC Tilburg
  • Florijn College
  • Summa Fashion
  • Albeda College
  • Koning Willem 1 College
  • Zadkine

Scholen Belgie

  • kOsh Campus
  • vzw Scholengroep SINT-MICHIEL
  • Avant
  • Sint-JosefInstituut
  • Technisch Berkenboominstituut








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  • Igor Teuwen - E-Core (rest in peace dear friend)
  • Frank Borgonjen (thank you so much for developing the technical part of this website)
  • Jhr Mr. G. Hooft Graafland (thank you for your business support)
  • Karolien van Mensvoort (thank you for your input)
  • Guido Romeijin (thank you for your help in the begin phase developing our website)
  • Maarten Houweling (3D animation)
  • CSRS Training (Rent training rooms)

If you'd like to ask us any question, please use the form at the Contact page.


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